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Gifts to our program have a direct impact on the daily lives of students and are applied in a variety of ways, such as:

Lectures and Conferences: Our program regularly sponsors lectures, reading groups, and conferences on topics related to new scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality. Throughout the academic year, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates present their work-in-progress at informal brown bag lecture sessions.  These events are crucial for Pitt faculty and students to keep up with current work in gender and sexuality studies and to hear about emerging areas of inquiry. Students frequently tell us that attendance at a lecture or event sparked their interest in a new approach to gender studies.
Research Funds and Awards: The Program awards annual prizes for the best undergraduate and graduate student research papers and the best dissertation contributing to studies of gender, sexuality, and women. The Program also offers funds for students to pursue research projects around the world, visiting archives and conducting fieldwork.
LGBTQIA+ studies: LGBTQIA+ studies is a rapidly-changing area of inquiry.  GSWS supports student coursework and scholarship in many areas of sexuality studies, including the opportunity to particular in Pitt's LGBTQ Archival Project.  Funds earmarked for LGBTQIA+ Research and Outreach Fund support these projects and community engagement.
Social justice: GSWS supports student internships with a variety of organizations promoting equality and justice and promotes political engagement by supporting the Iris Marion Young Awards each year. 

If you are interested in endowing an annual lecture in a given area (feminist studies or LGBTQIA+ studies, for example) or a scholarship, please get in touch.

To make a gift online:  

You can also send a check made payable to the University of Pittsburgh to:

University of Pittsburgh
Records Management 
Park Plaza
128 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Indicate “Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program Development Fund” or "LGBTQ Research Fund" on the subject line of your check.

Call the University of Pittsburgh at 1-800-817-8943 to make your gift by phone.
Thank you very much for your generosity!