GSWS Prize Winners for 2021

GSWS Dissertation Prize

Winner:  Mary Gryctko

Dr. Mary Gryctko (English) won the GSWS Dissertation Prize for "Eternal Innocence:  The Victorian Cult of the Dead Child."  Her dissertation committee members were Dr. Tyler Bickford (chair), Dr. Troy Boone, Dr. Jules Gill-Peterson, Dr. James Kincaid, and Dr. Patricia Crain (NYU).  Gryctko, who also earned a PhD certificate from GSWS, will be a Visiting Scholar in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department at Northeastern University. This year's selection committee:  Dr. Lisa Alfredson (chair), Dr. Olga Kuchinskaya, and Dr. Courtney Weikle-Mills.  

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Student Paper Prize

Winner:  Max Dosser

Max Dosser (Communication) won the Tamara Horowitz Graduate Student Paper Prize for the essay “ 'I'm Gonna Wreck It, Again': The False Binary of 'Healthy' and 'Toxic' Masculinity in Ralph Breaks the Internet,” which was written for a graduate seminar taught by Dr. Brent Malin. This year's selection committee:  Dr. Carol Mastrangelo Bové, Dr. Linda DeAngelo, and Dr. Christopher Nygren.


Honorable Mention: Victoria LaFave

The judges commended LaFave's essay " 'Haven't I Felt This Somewhere Before?': Cap and Gown Club and Attachment Genealogy," written for a graduate seminar taught by Dr. Patrick McKelvey.



Honorable Mention: Corinne Sugino

The judges commended Sugino's essay "Multicultural Redemption and Gendered Racial Logics in Crazy Rich Asians," which was written as a dissertation chapter under the supervision of Dr. Paul E. Johnson.


Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner:  Kwudjwa Osei

Kwudjwa Osei won the Undergraduate Paper Prize for the essay "Textured Histories:  Retracing Black Feminism in the Combahee River Collective," which was written for a course taught by Dr. Keisha Blain.  Osei is majoring in History and Sociology with a minor in Africana Studies.  This year's selection committee:  Dr. Junyoung Véronica Kim and Dr. K. Francis Lieder.