GSWS hosts or co-sponsors a variety of events that support research and scholarship, student learning, and community engagement related to gender and sexuality studies.  Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming GSWS offerings, and email us at to be added to our email list.

We bring top scholars to campus to share their newest work.




We invite local experts from the university and the community to talk about important contemporary issues.




We promote films, theater, poetry readings, and the occasional drag workshop.  




At the Iris Marion Young Awards Ceremony, we honor members of the Pitt community who have through their jobs or as volunteers done extraordinary work on behalf of social justice. 



GSWS organizes events every year in support of a one- or two-year research theme supporting faculty and student interests in a particular interdisciplinary topic. 



Event Co-Sponsorship Policy

GSWS has a limited amount of co-sponsorship funds for interdisciplinary talks or events on campus squarely on the topics of gender or sexuality. For requests made to GSWS, the Director will consider the following: contribution to our program’s mission (see our mission statement); appeal of the event to a broad audience; impact of event; availability of funds. Please note that with limited funds, we generally cannot contribute to departmental or disciplinary talks or to events scheduled at the same time as our own events. We only support events that are on campus, and are free and open to the public. Strong priority is given to events hosted by GSWS affiliated faculty and students. Because of the volume of requests received, funds are often depleted by mid-fall term.