Winners of GSWS Prizes


Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Cole Cridlin, “Trans(ing) the Rural: Metronormativity and Melancholia in Sébastian Lifshitz’s Wild Side (2004)”


Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner: Kwudjwa Osei, "Textured Histories: Retracing Black Feminism in the Combahee River Collective" 

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Max Dosser, " 'I'm Gonna Wreck It, Again': The False Binary of 'Healthy' and 'Toxic' Masculinity in Ralph Breaks the Internet"

Honorable Mention: Victoria LaFave, " 'Haven't I Felt This Somewhere Before?': Cap and Gown Club and Attachment Genealogy"

Honorable Mention: Corinne Sugino, "Multicultural Redemption and Gendered Racial Logics in Crazy Rich Asians"

Dissertation Prize

Winner: Mary Gryctko, "Eternal Innocence:  The Victorian Cult of the Dead Child"


Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner: Regina Futcher, "Hustlin' and Bustlin' in the 70s:  Sex-Related Advertisements in the Pittsburgh Alternative Press Publication Gay Life"

Honorable Mention:  Lauren Frank, "Identity, the Self, and Sexual Communities:  Self-Identification Perspectives on the Leather Community"

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Nick Marsellas, "Off Scaffolding and into the Deep End"

Dissertation Prize

Winner: Maria Lis Baiocchi, "A Law of One's Own:  Newfound Rights, Household Workers' Agency, and Activist Praxis in Buenos Aires, Argentina"


Undergraduate Paper Prize

No prize awarded this year

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Co-winner:  Caitlyn Mackenzie, "Toward Ecstatic Horizons:  Developing a Queer Epistemology through Stacey Waite's Butch Geography"

Co-winner:  Alyssa Quintanilla, "The Part about the Bodies:  Considering Bodies as Waste in Roberto Bolaño's 2666 and Josh Begley's Fatal Migrations"

Dissertation Prize

Larissa Brian, "Undoing the Scene of Sex:  Affirmative Consent and the Limits of Recognition in Law's Imaginary"


2018 Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner: Kate Shindle, "Queer Biology"

2018 Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Jonathan Devine, “Animating the Queer and Documenting the Trans*: Bennett Wallace Becomes a Real Boy”

Honorable Mention: Silpa Mukherjee, “The Irresistible Badness of Letty Strong: Born to be Bad (1934) and Electrifying Vice”

2018 Dissertation Prize

Winner: Christiana Molldrem Harkulich, “Standing Between Reservation and Nation: Indigenous Performance in North America After the End of the Indian Wars"

Honorable Mention: Julie Nakama, “Shopping the Look: Hollywood Costume Production and American Fashion Consumption, 1960-1969”

Honorable Mention: Laura Stamm, “Sustaining Life During the AIDS Crisis: New Queer Cinema and the Biopic" 


2017 Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner: Katie Greener, “The Art of Resistance: Analyzing the Effects of the Gaze in Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe”

2017 Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Shane Redman, "Effects of Same­‐Sex Legislation on Attitudes Toward Homosexuality"

Honorable Mention: Baeksan Yu,  "Working Class Students, Masculinity, and Occupational Aspirations in South Korea"

2017 Dissertation Prize

Winner: Emily Crosby, "Feminine Twang: Rhetorical Strategies of Country Music’s Legendary Second Wave Women"


2016 Undergraduate Paper Prize

Winner: Hannah Lynn, "Newspaperwomen: Examining the Role of Female Journalists on Screen"

Honorable Mention: Kelsey Vukic, "A Holistic Approach to Gender Non-Conforming Medical Therapy"

2016 Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Winner: Nick Marsellas, "Dainty Ariel: Queering the Colonial Enterprise"

Honorable Mention: Samantha Plummer, "Intersectionality and the Problems of Essentialism, Reductionism, and Experience"

2016 Dissertation Prize

No prize awarded this year


2015 Undergraduate Paper Prize

First Prize: Stephanie Roman, “Feminism as Institutionalism in 21st Century Dystopian Novels”

Honorable Mention: Wenyuan Zhou, “Revising the Gender and Sexuality Constraints in Medicine”

2015 Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize

Grand prize: Marlee Fuhrmann, “Celibacy and the Novel: Critiquing Hetero-Chrononormativity”

Co-winner: Sylvia Grove, " 'Defining Men with Good Taste': Constructions of Masculinity, Consumption, and the Culinary"

Co-winner: Maria Lis Baiocchi, “Analyzing the Exclusion and Inclusion of Domestic Work from Labor Law in Argentina”

Honorable Mention: Sagnika Chanda, " 'Indian Army, Rape Us': Kristeva’s Herethics and the Semiotic Bodies of Mothers of Manorama”

Honorable Mention: Allison McCann, “Patron Saints and Saintly Patrons: Imaging Male Interests in the Hedwig Codex (MS Ludwig XI 7)”

2015 Dissertation Prize

Humanities winner: Usha Iyer, “Film Dance, Female Stardom, and the Production of Gender in Popular Hindi Cinema”

Social Science winner: Chelsea Wentworth, “Feasting and Food Security: Negotiating Infant and Child Feeding in Urban and Peri-Urban Vanuatu”

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