Lynne Layton Fellows

"This internship was probably one of the best and most educational experiences I have had in college so far. I was able to work first hand on human rights issues and met a diverse group of people who all had important information to share to try and help marginalized communities all over Pittsburgh." — Alyssa Rogers-Armstrong 
The Lynne Layton Fellowships, established by Pitt alum Dr. Lynne Layton in 2019,  offer funding to undergraduate students pursuing internships related to the study of gender and sexuality.  Successful applicants will receive stipends of $1500 (paid in two installments) for spending a minimum of 6 hours per week on their project or internship, supervised by a GSWS-affiliated faculty member, and will be asked to present about their findings or experience at a GSWS forum.
GSWS has turned 50! In 2022-23, the Lynne Layton Fellowships will be dedicated to funding student internships in support of a year of programming, connections with alums, and a new, crowd-sourcing website about the program’s history. 

Each Lynne Layton Fellowship provides a stipend of $1500 for 6 hours/week of intern work during the fall or spring semester.  During the summer, there’s some flexibility about the timing of the work (concentrated during a particular summer session, spread out, etc.), and these internships will be held remotely. They will entail primary source research and populating a database on Pitt Gender History, training provided.

The other administrative work needed in summer and fall is likely to include web research, data collection and work with data on spreadsheets, document preparation, website updating, emailing with alums, social media messaging, and event-related preparation and publicity. There may also be tasks related to the LGBTQ Archival Education Project and other GSWS-related projects.

The anniversary celebrations have included a Lantern Night Open House, two panels on the importance of voting and issues pertaining to gender and sexuality in November (one about Black women and politics and one about zoning issues and sex-policing), and a day-long gathering with alums at the end of March celebrating the founding of the program.
Brief applications for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 Layton Fellowships are due Monday, May 15th at noon via email to The required cover sheet, which includes a list of materials required for application, can be downloaded here.

Fellows 2021-2022

Alex Aleco — Research internship with The Pitt LGBTQ Archival Education Project (mentor: Dr. Julie Beaulieu) contributing to an oral history project about the role of community care during the AIDS crisis. 

Fellows 2020-2021

 Jasmine Al Rasheed — Research internship contributing to the LGBTQ Digital Archives Project (mentor: Dr. Julie Beaulieu)




Genna Edwards — Research internship about queer horror cinema and queer spectatorship (mentor: Dr. Dana Och). Read more about Edwards's project.



Olivia Mania — Research internship contributing to the LGBTQ Digital Archives LibGuide and newsletter (mentor: Dr. Julie Beaulieu)



Matthew Miloszar —  Research internship examining the effects of government and health policy regarding the AIDS Crisis on tolerance and acceptance of homosexual men and women in the communist state of East Germany (mentor: Dr. Alissa Klots)



Mahima Sindu — Research internship, "Bridging Classroom Conversations on Human Rights with Real-World Applications to Women’s Intersectional Experiences Amid a Global Pandemic" (mentor: Dr. Lester Olson)



Annie Solomon — Research internship about the emotional labor of sex camming in the service of preparing a co-authored article for publication (mentor: Dr. PJ Patella-Rey)



Chloe Young — Research internship with the LGBTQ Archives Project involving work integrating archival materials into the GSWS curriculum (mentor: Dr. Frank Karioris)

Fellows 2019-2020

S.J. Bolten — Internship with Pittsburgh's Women's Suffrage Centennial (mentor:  Dr. Frayda Cohen)




Regina Futcher — Research Internship at Hillman Library's Special Collections (mentor:  Dr. Julie Beaulieu)




Molly Gonzales —Internship with the Pittsburgh Council on Human Relations (mentor:  Dr. Frank Karioris)




Siera Meaux — Internship with Pittsburgh's Gender Equity Commission (mentor:  Dr. Sara Goodkind)




Delaney Oakes — Internship with the Pittsburgh Council on Human Relations (mentor:  Dr. Frank Karioris)




Alyssa Rogers-Armstrong — Internship with the Pittsburgh Human Rights Alliance (mentor:  Dr. Jackie Smith)




Charlotte Scurlock — Research Internship at Hillman Library's Special Collections (mentor:  Dr. Julie Beaulieu)




Thomas Troyan — Internship at QueerPGH Online Magazine (mentor:  P.J. Patella-Rey)