GSWS Teaching Fellowship

GSWS offers one-semester TF positions to graduate students in the certificate program who are eligible for Dietrich School support.   These positions are currently available only to graduate students enrolled in DSAS, but the program will explore possibilities for making this or comparable opportunities available to graduate students in other schools at Pitt.

Call for Applications

GSWS invites applications for a one-semester Teaching Fellow position teaching an introductory course in the program, probably GSWS 0100, “Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies,” in either fall or spring of 2021-2022.  This opportunity is open to graduate students in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences who are approved for funding in 2020-21 and whose coursework and/or research in gender and sexuality studies prepares them to teach introductory courses in GSWS.  In selecting TFs, the committee will take into account the strength of applicants’ backgrounds in the field, records of previous teaching (at any level), and other relevant work or leadership experience that might contribute to the applicants’ preparation.  The committee will give priority to applicants who have not had opportunities to teach stand-alone courses at Pitt.

Applications for 2021-22 are due by Mon., Apr. 3, 2021 at noon to

Application Materials:

-Cover letter detailing the applicant’s interest in the opportunity and preparation for it 

-CV including people who may be contacted as references about your teaching 

-OMETS for two courses or recitation sections taught at Pitt and any evaluations from other teaching experiences that the applicant would like to include 

-One teaching observation letter/report 

-A sample assignment (in use or proposed for a future course)

Two students will be selected, each of whom will teach one course and receive standard Dietrich School compensation as a Teaching Fellow.  GSWS will work out the semester and timing of the course with successful applicants and their departments.  The Director of GSWS will serve as a supervisor and mentor to the GSWS TFs and will consult about preparations for the course and its conduct along the way, making available syllabi and assignments from previous iterations of the course. The Director will provide a teaching observation letter. The TFs will also have opportunities to visit other GSWS courses and confer with GSWS instructors.  Successful applicants who have not successfully completed FACDEV 2200 or an equivalent DSAS training for instructors of stand-alone courses will be required to enroll in FACDEV 2200 by the time they begin teaching.