Steering Committee

The Steering Committee makes policy decisions about the program and, through subcommittees, carries out the operations of GSWS. The SC is composed of all full-time teaching faculty in the program, graduate students, undergraduates, and affiliated faculty who are elected to membership, and representatives of allied organizations who serve as non-voting members. SC members serve three-year terms, renewable in perpetuity. The work of the Steering Committee is guided by the GSWS By-Laws.

Steering Committee AY 2020-21

Administrative Members

GSWS Program Director and Steering Committee Chair (Fall 2019 - Summer 2022)
Nancy Glazener, Professor of English and GSWS

GSWS Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Advisor
Frayda Cohen, Senior Lecturer

GSWS Core Faculty Members

Beaulieu, Julie 
Devine, Jonathan
Hansen, Sarah
Karioris, Frank
Keown, Bridget
Lovett, Matt
Pataki, Kathryn
Patella-Rey, PJ 
Stamm, Laura 

Affiliated Faculty Members

Ciccocioppo, Melinda, Psychology (Current term: 2018-21)
Finkel, Müge, GSPIA (Current term: 2019-22)
Gill-Peterson, Jules, English (Current term: 2019-22)
Goodhart, Michael (Current term: 2019-22) 
Goodkind, Sara, School of Social Work (Current term: 2019-22)
Kear, Robin, Hillman Library (Current term: 2019-22)
Kiesling, Scott, Linguistics (Current term: 2019-22)
Kranson, Rachel, Religious Studies (Current term: 2019-22)
Krier, Sarah, Public Health (Current term: 2019-22)
Lovett, Laura, History (Current term: 2019-22)
McKelvey, Patrick, Theatre Arts (Current term: 2019-22)
Olson, Lester, Communication (Current term: 2019-22)
Parker, Lisa, Bioethics (Current term: 2019-22)
Porter, Maureen, Education (Current term: 2019-22) 
Putnam, Lara, History (Current term: 2019-22)
Suzuki, Yoko, Music (Current term: 2019-22)
Tenorio, David, Hispanic Languages & Literatures (Current term: 2019-22)
Yearwood, Gabby, Anthropology (Current term: 2019-22)


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