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Student Prize Competitions

The Program each year sponsors several prizes recognizing excellent student scholarship in the field of gender studies. The competition is open to all students at the University of Pittsburgh in any department or school (professional, social science, humanities, etc.). Prizes of up to $200.00 will be awarded for the best graduate and undergraduate papers written in the past year and the best dissertation submitted in the past year. Each student may submit no more than one entry per contest within a given year. 


Undergraduate Paper Prize

Undergraduate entries must have been prepared initially for a course, seminar, independent study, or internship at this university, and should represent the student’s original work. Entries may be revised from their original form with acknowledgement, in the cover sheet, of assistance received from an instructor or Writing Center tutor. Creative writing papers may also be submitted, but a critical reflection on the piece must also be included.

All entries for this prize must be 8-25 pages in length. 

Our Undergraduate Paper Prize cover sheet must be submitted with a copy of the course assignment and the paper. The deadline has been extended:  Submissions are due Friday, June 19, 2020, at noon. 

Tamara Horowitz Graduate Student Paper Prize

The Tamara Horowitz Graduate Paper Prize honors the memory of Dr. Tamara Horowitz, who was Associate Professor of Philosophy and of Women's Studies at Pitt until her untimely death in 2000. Professor Horowitz taught epistemology, feminist philosophy, and the philosophy of science and was a renowned and respected scholar and mentor.

All Pitt graduate students are eligible for this prize, which is awarded to the best paper that directly and substantially addresses topics related to gender, sexuality, or women, broadly understood. There are no restrictions with respect to topic or methodology; entries may be empirical (quantitative or qualitative) studies, philosphical or crticial interventions, reviews, etc. Master's theses and published work are eligible, the only condition being that entries must have been initially prepared for a course, seminar, directed study, thesis, or independent research done at this University. Winning entries will be chosen by a committee of GSWS affiliated faculty, who will assess them on the basis of their fit, clarity, and significance.

The Tamara Horowitz Graduate Student Paper Prize cover sheet must be submitted with your paper. 

Entries for the 2020 competition must be submitted to by *MONDAY, MAY 11* 2020 at noon.

Dissertation Prize

Doctoral candidates, as well as those students who graduated during the previous school year, may submit complete dissertations for a separate dissertation prize. 

Our Dissertation Prize cover sheet must be submitted digitally along with a digital copy of the dissertation. Submissions are due Friday, May 8, 2020 at noon.

Application Procedures

The submissions will be judged and awarded separately by a panel of judges drawn from GSWS and University faculty. Papers will be reviewed without the author’s name or affiliation. The GSWS Program reserves the right not to award a prize. Graduate papers co-authored with faculty are eligible if the graduate student is the primary author.

All entries must be submitted without the author’s name for blind review except the cover sheet, except in the case of the dissertation prize, for which submissions needs not be stripped of identifying information.




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