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Our Program is an interdisciplinary academic program focusing on gender, sexuality, and women. Our courses and cross-listed courses in various departments across the university provide opportunities for all students to broaden their understandings of the changing role of gender in the United States and globally. Students who want to explore the intersection of gender with race, class, ethnicity, nation, ability, age, religion, sex, and sexuality will find courses of interest, as will students who want to know more about the role of gender and sexuality in history, in literature and the arts, in media and science. Our curriculum includes topics related to feminism, women, masculinity, the sex/gender system, homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, trans*, queer, intersex, and other gendered matters. Students who plan careers in medicine, the creative arts, social work, education, counseling, law, therapy, and business find that GSWS enhances their professional activities. Still others report that the confidence and insight that they acquire in such courses enriches their lives regardless of their particular career goals.

Our Program offers a 30-credit BA major and an undergraduate minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, a minor in LGBTQ and Critical Sexuality Studies, an undergraduate certificate through the College of General Studies, a master's certificate, and a PhD certificate. Like the major, this certificate serves as an additional credential for students looking for a job in nearly any field. Interested students should make an appointment with the Director or Undergraduate Advisor to discuss options for a course of study and to complete advising and application forms. Students in the program are eligible to apply for student research funding (see link) for work on gender and sexuality. Please note that at present, only University of Pittsburgh students pursuing a degree are eligible to enroll in Dietrich School Certificate Programs.   

Students are warmly invited to participate in our numerous activities and events to stay up-to-date in very recent work in gender studies.

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