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Whether your interests are in women, feminism, men, masculinity, the sex/gender system, LGBTQIA studies, heterosexuality, or other gendered matters, we have something to satisfy your research impulses. The Program provides a vibrant intellectual home for current and future scholars interested in cutting-edge work in these areas. Our approach is collaborative, crossing departmental and disciplinary boundaries, and we cover a full range of genders and sexualities. 

Each year, the Program hosts a variety of research-oriented events and activities—including book discussions, colloquia, works-in-progress with Pitt scholars, and lectures by external scholars—loosely organized around a theme. 

Faculty interested in having a manuscript read and discussed by a supportive group of interdisciplinary faculty and students at a works in progress event should contact the Director.

All of our events are free and open to the public.

Events are listed on our calendar. We hope you will join us!

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We held many events in academic year 2017-18 on the topic of "Gender and the Child" and in academic year 2018-19 we will host events on the topic "Gender and Science." Visitors in fall '17 included Kathryn Stockton, Jack Halberstam, and Gayle Rubin. A reading group "Transgender/transracial" was held. A colloquium on gender and childhood took place April 6-7, 2018 on campus and there was an undergraduate wing of the conference. A graduate and undergraduate course was offered during the AY alongside these events on this topic. 

In AY2016-17, we hosted a series of courses, events, and colloquia on the topic of "Masculinities." We hosted external speakers and a colloquium in April 2017 on the topic "Affect and Masculinity" along with an undergraduate conference in late April. Topics covered included black masculinity, trans masculinity, queer heterosexuality/heteroflexibility, sexual assault, and media. In spring term 2017, we offered an advanced-level undergraduate course on "Masculinity and Violence" and a graduate seminar "Masculinities in Theory and Practice." We also hosted a cluster of events on "Intersectionality." External visitors included Jane Ward, Jennifer Nash, Ronald Jackson, and Ann Cahill.

Our theme in AY14-15 and 15-16 was "Embodiment: Experience, Representation, Politics." The cluster of events was kicked off by a fall-term 2014 visit with noted gender studies scholar Anne Fausto-Sterling from Brown University who puts biology and cultural constructs of gender into close dialogue. We hosted many other events, including lectures and discussions on black corporeal masculinities, reproductive rights in the US and globally, gendered affect, migrant masculinities, gender and fracking, sustainability, and girls' sexuality. Jeffrey McCune from Washington University visited in spring 2015 to give a lecture and discuss his new book on black masculinity, and Laina Bay-Cheng from SUNY Buffalo visited in fall term to discuss her research on girls' sexuality. In March 2015, we hosted a day-long colloquium on reproductive rights from a variety of perspectives (legal, religious, activist, etc.). A reading group on gender and affect took place over the academic year. In AY15-16, we continued with this theme for a second year, with events on gender and disability, queer Islam, intersex, and on trans* corporealities. A major, three-day national conference on the topic was held spring term 2016 ("Doing the Body in the 21st Century"). See for more information on this major interdisciplinary event.

In 2013-14, under the umbrella theme of “Gender and the Global,” we considered over the course of the academic year ways in which gendered bodies and cultural constructs related to sex, gender, and sexuality circulate between and within a variety of geographic contexts. Objects of inquiry included transnational and non-Western feminisms, diasporic genders and sexualities, and global masculinities. Visiting scholars for this theme included queer studies scholar Martin Manalansan (UIllinois), noted anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes (Berkeley), global feminist studies scholar Uma Narayan (Vassar), gay marriage scholar David Patternotte (Brussels), and transgender studies scholar Aren Aizura (Arizona St). 

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GSWS Event Co-sponsorship Policy

GSWS has a limited amount of co-sponsorship funds for interdisciplinary talks or events on campus squarely on the topics of gender or sexuality. For requests made to GSWS, the Director will consider the following: contribution to our program’s mission (see our mission statement); appeal of the event to a broad audience; impact of event; availability of funds. Please note that with limited funds, we generally cannot contribute to departmental or disciplinary talks or to events scheduled at the same time as our own events. We only support events that are on campus, and are free and open to the public. Strong priority is given to events hosted by GSWS affiliated faculty and students. Because of the volume of requests received, funds are often depleted by mid-fall term.

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