Suggested Syllabus Statement: Sexual Misconduct, Required Reporting, and Title IX | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
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Suggested Syllabus Statement: Sexual Misconduct, Required Reporting, and Title IX

Sexual Misconduct, Required Reporting, and Title IX

The University is committed to combatting sexual misconduct. As a result, you should know that University faculty and staff members are required to report any instances of sexual misconduct, including harassment and sexual violence, to the University’s Title IX office so that the victim may be provided appropriate resources and support options. What this means is that as your professor, I am required to report any incidents of sexual misconduct that are directly reported to me, or of which I am somehow made aware. 

There are two important exceptions to this requirement about which you should be aware:

A list of the designated University employees who, as counselors and medical professionals, do not have this reporting responsibility and can maintain confidentiality, can be found here:

An important exception to the reporting requirement exists for academic work. Disclosures about sexual misconduct that are shared as part of an academic project, classroom discussion, or course assignment, are not required to be disclosed to the University’s Title IX office. 

If you are the victim of sexual misconduct, Pitt encourages you to reach out to these resources:

  • Title IX Office: 412-648-7860
  • SHARE @ the University Counseling Center: 412-648-7930 (8:30 A.M. TO 5 P.M. M-F) and 412-648-7856 (AFTER BUSINESS HOURS)

If you have a safety concern, please contact the University of Pittsburgh Police, 412-624-2121. 

Other reporting information is available here:


[This statement was developed by Katie Pope, Title IX Coordinator, in conjunction with GSWS instructors.  Links updated Aug. 15, 2020]


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