Todd Reeser: Program Director | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Todd Reeser: Program Director

Todd Reeser, Prof. of French and GSWS


Prof. Todd Reeser works in gender and sexuality studies broadly conceived. He has published widely on gender and sexuality in literature, theory, and culture, both in an early modern and a (post-)modern context. He has written two monographs on masculinity: the first on constructs of masculinity as moderate in the European Renaissance and the second on theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary and bourgeoning field of masculinity studies (Masculinities in Theory (Blackwell, 2010)). His comparative book on the anachronistic reception of "Platonic love" titled Setting Plato Straight: Translating Ancient Sexuality in the Renaissance, came out at the University of Chicago Press in 2016. He edited and contributed to a cutting-edge volume of essays on the topic “Transgender France,” and is beginning a new book on trans* representation in French culture from the 50s to today, and another project on masculinities and affect theory. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on gender/sexuality in his home department (French and Italian) and in the GSWS Program. He regularly teaches Queer Theory and "Masculinites in Theory and Practice." As program director, he takes great pleasure in advising graduate students in all their gendered endeavors, in working with faculty from across departments and disciplines, and in organizing numerous research events covering a full range of genders and sexualities. He feels strongly that an interdisciplinary and cutting-edge gender/sexuality studies program is integral to the health of any university.    

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