Jamie Marks to work with court-ordered female juveniles | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
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Jamie Marks to work with court-ordered female juveniles

"It was my last semester of senior year just one year ago, and I wasn't sure if I would get the opportunity to finish my Women's Studies certificate in time for graduation, or if it was even worth it. After all, what would a certificate in Women's Studies even do for me post graduation? With the economy in shambles, and jobs sparse, I had never seen an employer seeking anyone with a degree including a Women's Studies certificate. With the help of Frayda Cohen [WSP Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Advisor], however, I decided to finish the certificate requirements, and took my last Women's Studies course during the summer in which I graduated. I then graduated with my Bachelor's in Administration of Justice with a certificate in Women's Studies. Since graduating, I had been working jobs which didn't require the use of my major or certificate, but I knew within time I would find something which required both my degree and certificate.  One year after graduation, I am embarking on a new journey. I received an offer from a youth and family services organization helping court ordered juveniles repair their lives and get on the straight path to success. The recruiter for the company admitted to me on our first conversation that it was my certificate in Women's Studies that attracted him to my resume. Why? Because the program I will be working in is with court ordered juvenile females. If it weren't for the certificate in Women's Studies, I most likely would not have received this opportunity, or even a phone call from the recruiter, and the chance to use my certificate and degree for what will hopefully become my 'dream job.'  I have never been happier to start and finish my Women's Studies certificate. The courses were some of the most interesting and thought provoking ones I took at Pitt, and I am happy to be using the knowledge gained from them to help others."

-Jamie Marks

University of Pittsburgh class of 2009

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