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GSWS Alum Publishes Book _Queer Remembered_

Thomas R. Dunn publishes first book, Queerly Remembered (2016)

In the wake of the designation of the first U.S. national monument to GLBT rights, Thomas R. Dunn (Ph.D. Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, and Ph.D. – Communication, 2011), an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at a Colorado State University, published his first book on the subject of memory in the GLBTQ community. The book, entitled Queerly Remembered: Rhetorics for Representing the GLBTQ Past, investigates the ways in which gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) individuals and communities have increasingly turned to public tellings of their ostensibly shared pasts in order to advocate for political, social, and cultural change in the present. Drawing from the interdisciplinary fields of rhetorical studies, memory studies, gay and lesbian studies, and queer theory, Dunn advances the concept of queer monumentality to explain how and why the GLBTQ past is increasingly presented in durable, public, and persistent ways today and how it might be done better.

The book originated in Dunn’s graduate work at Pitt under the advising of Communication and GSWS faculty member, Dr. Lester Olson, and with fieldwork supported, in part, by the GSWS Student Research Fund. Queerly Remembered was published by the University of South Carolina Press, one of the top university presses in rhetorical studies and public address in the nation.

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