Alumnus Jason Zimmerman holds position with Teach for America | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Alumnus Jason Zimmerman holds position with Teach for America

Jason received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009.  He majored in Philosophy, Communication and received a certificate in the in study of Women, Gender and Sexuality.  Through his studies Jason learned the value of critical inquiry, disciplined thought and social responsibility. 

Jason spent his final year in Pittsburgh working for Teach For America as a recruiting representative for the University as well as a mentor for the campus organization Mission Acceptance.  Through these encounters Jason found his calling in the field of education.

After graduating, Jason took a teaching position with Teach For America in Kansas City, Missouri.  He is currently a fifth grade teacher in the Kansas City Missouri School District working to close the achievement gap along with seventy other first year teachers and provide Kansas City students with the quality education they deserve.  His commitment will take him through the 2011 school year, at which point he will have received his masters in elementary education from Rockhurst University and hopes to continue his work in the education field. 

He is thankful for the new horizons and intellectual challenges created by the University of Pittsburgh and looks forward to a lifelong journey of continued learning. 

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