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University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Research on Gender/Sexuality

March 29, 2018 - 4:00pm - 5:15pm
PJ Patella-Rey and Danny Jacobson

The Real Work of (Online) Sex Work: Beyond Selling and Consuming Bodies

PJ Patella-Ray

Despite decades of empirical research offering rich and nuanced descriptions of sex work, most mainstream discussions of commercial sexual interactions fail to recognize the full range of labor involved. This is in no small part due to the persistence of narratives that reduce it to the purchase and consumption of bodies—narratives championed by sex work exclusionary radical feminists, who frequently promote the rhetoric of “sex trafficking” to describe all sex work. Based in over 30 interviews with sex cam models, this presentation will discuss the range of what is sought in commercial sexual interactions, including intimacy, companionship, sexual/social exploration, respect/appreciation, fan community participation, and sexual gratification.

What Should S/He Have Expected? Student Perceptions of Rape Based on Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality

Danny Jacobson

In the past few years, more national attention has become focused on addressing sexual assault on college campuses and universities in the United States.    Previous research has investigated rape perceptions based on the context of the rape (environmental factors) and  relationships between rape survivors and perpetrators, as well as to the extent to which a heterosexual person’s femininity affects respondent’s perception of rape.  However, no research has been found that specifically investigates  students’ perceptions of rape based on one’s gender, sexual orientation and race/ethnicity.   Based on students’ responses to a survey, this presentation discusses whether students’ perceptions of rape are influenced by an individual’s ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

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