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Who We Are

Please contact us with questions or concerns at:

University of Pittsburgh
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program
4th floor, Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: (412) 624-7232
Fax: (412) 624-6492

Email: gsws@pitt.edu

Program Director & Graduate Advisor

Nancy GlazenerEnglish and GSWS
Office: 401F Cathedral of Learning
Phone: 412-624-6486
Email: glazener@pitt.edu

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Undergraduate Advisor

Frayda CohenAnthropology and GSWS
Office: 402C Cathedral of Learning
Phone: 412-624-6485
Email: frayda.cohen@pitt.edu


Program Faculty


Program and Business Coordinator

Shannon Falk

Office: 401E Cathedral of Learning

Phone: 412-624-7232

Email: smf118@pitt.edu

Support Staff

Maureen Henderson: Administrative Officer

Email: mmh47@pitt.edu 

TBA: Payroll Administrator


Lorri Keeling-Oliver: Graduate Administrator and Academic Officer

Email: ljk59@pitt.edu


Steering Committee  

Affiliated Faculty

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